LL.M. Law & Language Lab: Legal English Vocabulary, Listening, and Speaking

Legal English support for LL.M. students with podcasts,  transcripts, and quizzes.

This course is ideal for busy students and professionals who want to improve their:

  • Legal English vocabulary
  • Legal background knowledge
  • Legal English listening skills
  • Grammar

Based on the popular USLawEssentials Law & Language podcast, each lesson includes a natural, easy-to-understand, yet sophisticated, conversation between your hosts – – Stephen Horowitz and Daniel Edelson – – that will help you improve your understanding of US law, legal English, and American legal culture. Topics include legal news, legal English vocabulary, different aspects of US law, and much more.

While listening to the conversation you can read the transcript, or save the transcript for later, and then take a short quiz to check your understanding.

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Course Includes

  • 11 Lessons