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5.1 Great Pumpkin Case

You are a lawyer and have your own law firm. Your client (“Mr. Client”) is the owner of the Panamericana Farm. The Farm is famous because it grows pumpkins and has the largest pumpkin in the world. The gigantic pumpkin has been sitting right in front of the farm for everyone to see. 

Mr. Client ran a video ad in order to sell a lot of pumpkins. He put a video on TikTok that went viral and was viewed by thousands of people. 

In the video, an announcer’s voice says: 

“Come on down to Panamericana Farm in the morning on November 4 and get your pumpkins! For the first 10 people who arrive by 9:00 in the morning, pumpkins normally valued at 14 pesos are one peso each!”

At the end of the video, it shows a man trying to push the gigantic pumpkin towards his car with his bare hands. Then he falls down in the mud, laughs, and says to the camera: “See you Saturday!”

(A giant pumpkin like the one at the Farm.)

Mr. Client does not plan to give the giant pumpkin to anyone because it is worth a lot of money. But now he’s worried that some people might think they can have the pumpkin for one penny because of his video ad.

Your Task

Give Mr. Client advice based on cases you have read or learned about in this class. 

  1. Did Mr. Client offer the giant pumpkin to the public for 1 peso? 
  2. What does he need to know in order to figure out what to do about his ad?