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5.3: What kinds of questions do professors ask about cases?

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  • To notice the kinds of questions that professors and students ask in class in order to help you think about what parts of the case will be important when you read a case.


  1. Listen to the video again of the law professor discussing the Lefkowitz case.
  2. As you listen, try to write down or type all of the questions you hear. Make sure to note whether it was from the professor or a student.
  3. Don’t worry if you don’t get every question. The process of trying to get the questions is just a first step in noticing the kinds of questions.
  4. When you’re done, download and review this transcript of the lecture (03:07 to 16:30) and then highlight or underline all the questions you can find.
  5. After you’ve reviewed the transcript, see below for a list of all of the questions identified by your course instructor. How many of these questions did you find? Did you find any that are not included in the list below?
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Questions from Professor

  1. Is this an offer that Lefkowitz can accept?
  2. How do we know?
  3. Does this “worth to” $100 mean anything to you? I mean, does “to” change anything?
  4. Why do you disagree with the court?
  5. Will Lefkowitz recover for this?
  6. Now, how can this be? How can an advertisement be an offer when that is so counter to what we said before?
  7. Why wasn’t– what’s the difference?
  8. Now, Joey, does the store have the right to withdraw the offer?
  9. So when does Lefkowitz accept?
  10. Have I accepted yet?
  11. Would I have a contractual right if you did that?
  12. Any ideas on what you might try to do if you’re revoking the offer?
  13. Joey, how do we think about that? Lefkowitz knew that the initial offer was only made for women. Shouldn’t that preclude him from accepting the second ad even if it was an offer?
  14. Now, here’s an interesting question– could they have said that in the advertisement?
  15. Can you make offers that are only available to one gender?
  16. What exactly are we selling?

 Questions from Students

  1. Does the publicity of the revocation matter? Whether he whispers I revoke, or whether he declares it, puts it in the newspaper, et cetera.
  2. Could we argue–the court kind of glosses over this, but the first time when they told him that it was only an offer for women and that these offers were intended for women, in general– could that be a revocation of the offer from Lefkowitz specifically?
  3. But we have a specific price there– $1 like each, right?
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