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6.1: Introduction to Tort Law in the United States

  1. Read the story below.
  2. Write a post in the forum answering the questions and explaining in English how the story relates to torts in the United States.
  3. Don’t do any research. Just share your thoughts and write as much as you can. If you are not sure of what to write, explain the likely outcome under the court system in your country.

Hot Coffee

Patty is late for work.  She stops at her local coffee shop, Starrocks, and asks for a cup of hot coffee to go. Patty removes the cover to pour a little cream in her coffee and is surprised by how hot the shop made her coffee today.  “There must be something wrong, this is way too hot!” she thinks angrily.

 If Patty had time she would ask the shop to make her another cup but she is in too much of a rush.  Running outside with her coffee she doesn’t notice that a deliveryman carelessly left a box in the middle of the sidewalk.  Patty trips over the box and spills coffee on her sleeve.   The coffee is so hot the liquid seriously burns her arm. 

Can Patty sue the deliveryman? Is it Starrocks’s fault?  Or does Patty just have herself to blame?

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