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Final Exam Preparation 1


  1. Review what you studied
  2. Prepare for Finals


  1. Choose ten legal English words and concepts that we studied in this course.
  2. Write a sentence using each of the words in a way that will show that you understand the words. Don’t just write a definition.
  3. Then do one or more of the following:
    • Ask ChatGPT or another program to write sentences with each of the words in a way that will show the meaning of the words without writing a definition of the words.
    • Ask ChatGPT/Grammarly or another App to rewrite your sentences, correcting for grammar and clarity.
  4. Finally, write down what differences you see between the sentences you wrote and the version generated by ChatGPT or as revised by ChatGPT or grammarly.
  5. By the end of class today, upload as a word or pdf document your original sentences, the versions created by ChatPT/Grammarly, and the differences you notice.