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Final Exam Preparation 2


  1. Review what you learned in this class.
  2. Prepare for finals.


  1. Find a recent news story from the United States.
  2. Write at least three paragraphs summarizing the story using legal English vocabulary in a way that will show that you understand the legal English vocabulary.
  3. Then do one or more of the following:
    • Ask ChatGPT to review and rewrite your paragraphs for cohesion and grammar.
    • Ask grammarly to suggestion revisions.
  4. Briefly write what you notice about the differences between your original version and after asking Grammarly or ChatGPT to review what you wrote
  5. Upload your original version, the revisions, and what you notice about the differences as a word or pdf document.
  6. Please submit by this coming Wednesday.
  7. Be prepared to discuss this assignment at our next class.