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Finals Prep 3

Create a chart like the one below.

In the original column type or copy and paste five of your original sentences from any of the finals prep assignments.

In the ChatGPT/Grammarly column, copy and paste a ChatGPT/Grammarly revision of your sentences.

In the Differences column, type the differences you saw between your version and the ChatGPT version. Note whether you think ChatGPT/Grammarly corrected any mistakes or simply changed the wording.

This assignment is due Wednesday.


1. During an appeal both parts should focus on the errors committed by the judge.During an appeal, both parties should focus on the errors committed by the
ChatGPT added a missing comma after appeal. “During an appeal” is an introductory clause and needed a comma. ChatGPT also corrected where I wrote “parts” instead of “parties”.