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Team 1: The government is not centralized in the federation, states are autonomous.

Team 2: political organization where the the state is compose of various automous sub states forming an union establishing certain common laws or a constitution

Team 3: it is the legal system in which the country’s resides, where the federation is competent in certain topics by mandate of law, and on those who are not clearly established for it, the states are the competent ones to act and resolve them.

Team 4: Federalism is a political organization system. USA was created by various groups called states, that’s why their organization system is called federalism, because they grouped themselves in order to create a country.

Team 5: Federalism: Political organization of a country in different states

Team 4: Document that contains human rights of individuals in order to protect them. 

Team 6: Is the Separation of the state powers inside the same territory.

Team 7: Governmental system were the state entities give some of their autonomy to a central power, to create a uniform regulation but without loosing their faculty of taking decisions in certain matters. 

Separation of Powers

Team 1: The power is divided in the executive power, the judicial power and the legislative power.

Team 2: Separation of powers is the way power is divided in a State to prevent the concentration of power in one head. In the USA power is divided in 3: executive, legislative and judicial.

Team 3: Is the way the power in the Government is divided, in the USA they have the Executive power, the legislative and the judicial power.

Team 4: Is a way to divide the government in order to achieve balance and the concentration of power solely in one person, therefore, government power is divided between the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Team 5: Separation of powers: It means that the 3 faculties (legislative, executive and judicial) of a government system must not reside in a single person or institution, they must reside in different institutions.

 7: When the central power of a state is divided in different authorities attending to the nature of their function.

Team 6: Separation of Powers: Is the way that USA government is devided so it exists a balance between each power, and any of these powers have the full control  individually.

Bill of Rights

Team 1: Document that contains fundamental rights for individuals (1st constitution of the US).

Team 2: It’s the document that guarantees the civil rights of the individual.

Team 3: the form of declaring the rights and human rights in the Constitution.

Team 4: It is a document that contains constitutional and fundamental rights which every person in the US has

Team 5: Document signed that contains the US people’s rights.

Team 7: it a document that contains a summary of fundamental guaranties and rights for the US citizens.