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Welcome to Legal English Fall 2023


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About the Course

The course introduces you to US legal English and American legal culture.

Course Goals

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Be better able to explain important aspects of law in English
  • Communicate more effectively with American lawyers and law students
  • Demonstrate an ability in English to meaningfully compare the American legal system with the legal system with which you are already familiar

Grading System

  • Graded Exams: 70% (there will be graded exams)
  • Participation (attendance, timely submission of assignments): 30%

Class Guidelines and Rules

  1. We will meet live via google meet for some classes. Other classes will be completely self-guided.
  2. During live classes I prefer if you turn your camera on so I can engage with you. If you turn off your camera I will mark you as not present and remove you from the meeting.
  3. Do not use AI to submit any assignments.
  4. Do not use translation software.
  5. Do not copy and paste any information. Copying and pasting information will not help you learn English and will not earn you any points for the assignment.
  6. Speak English during our class time, whether in breakout rooms or not.
  7. The syllabus will change depending on our schedule, interests, and priorities.

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