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Introduction to Reading Cases for Intl Students Final Quiz 1

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Introduction to Reading Cases for Intl Students Final Quiz 1

The final assessment for this course will ask you to respond to questions concerning the Supreme Court case, Tinker v. Des Moines Independent School District. We have referred to this case several times during the course. For convenience, a copy of the Court opinion, and concurring and dissenting opinions, is attached as a pdf. You will probably find it helpful to read the first page of the pdf, the syllabus, or summary of the case. Although not part of the opinion, the syllabus is a helpful overview of the issue, facts, procedural history, holding, and disposition of the case.

Final Quiz 1 asks questions about the first two pages of the Opinion (503-504) and ends at Roman Numeral I.

Here is some vocabulary that we did not yet learn in this course which might be helpful for this quiz:

En Banc: When an intermediate level federal appellate court (a Circuit Court) hears an appeal it usually assigns a panel of three judges to decide the case. Sometimes, a Circuit Court will assign all of its judges to hear the case. When a case is heard en banc, it means that all of the appellate level judges heard the appeal.