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US Legal Writing: Required Assessment

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US Legal Writing: Required Assessment

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Writing Assessment (required)


All students are required to write a response to this question. The purpose is for your instructors to have a sample of your writing before the course begins.



  1. Read the background and question below.
  2. After you read the background and question, click the “Start Quiz” button below. You will have 15 minutes to write as much as you can in your answer to the question.
  3. If you have any difficulty submitting this assessment, please contact your instructors at  

Note: Please don’t worry about whether your writing is “good” or not. And you will not receive feedback on this essay. This is just a chance for your instructors to see your writing under timed pressure so that they can understand your needs and figure out how to best help you improve your writing.


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Background Story:

A jogger runs along a beach, past a sign that says, “Fine $100 For Littering.” A few steps past the sign, the jogger stops for a short while to eat a banana. He throws the banana peel on the ground and then continues to run. A police officer sees the banana peel fall to the ground. She remembers that her supervisor did not issue a littering ticket to a person who poured coffee on the ground. However, the supervisor did issue a ticket to another person who threw a candy wrapper on the ground.


Should the police officer give a ticket to the jogger? Explain your answer.

Click the Start Quiz button below and write as much as you can in 15 minutes.